Sconto energia elettrica per dipendenti enel

224 225 In 2009, Enel launched the Archilede project: a new urban lighting system chosen by 1600 municipalities.
9/1991 sanctioned a first partial liberalisation of the production of electricity generated from conventional sources and renewable sources ; companies were allowed to produce electricity for their own use with the obligation to hand over the excess amount to Enel.
Egypt edit In Egypt Enel holds 10 of the gas exploration licence for the area of El Burullus.
Establishing the National Entity for Electricity edit Enel logo (19631982) At the beginning of 1962, the Fanfani IV Cabinet made its commitment to the government to put together a proposal for the unification of the national electricity system within three months of the parliament.A b Valentina Besana (25 November 2005).258 In 2013 Enel signed an agreement, in Sochi, for the sale of 40 of Arctic Russia, a joint venture with Eni, which in turn controlled 49 of SeverEnergia, for.8 billion.In 1999, the D'Alema I Cabinet issued the Legislative Decree."Italia-Grecia: al via elettrodotto sottomarino realizzato dall'Enel"."Le grandi imprese private: famiglie e coalizioni"."Telecom e le altre, programmi per tagliare file audio italiano così in pochi anni è tramontata l'era della telefonia italiana"."1999-2004: gli anni del cambiamento".Enels future plan is to build a number of wind farms and photovoltaic power plants for a total capacity of 513.Archived from the original on Retrieved "Here Are the Top 10 Solar Developers in Latin America".Retrieved "Enel awaits regulatory changes for Marcinelle power plant prior to Gazprom acquisition".Archived from the original on 24 September 2015.Archived from the original on Retrieved "L'Enel vende ai russi gli asset in Belgio".
Archived from the original on Retrieved "Enel secures EUR10m funding for renewable energy projects in Mexico, Costa Rica".
Archived from the original on Retrieved "Eni ed Enel-Edison insieme per il gas di Cipro" (PDF).

In 1988, the nuclear power station of Latina ( Lazio ) was shut down.Enel Energia also owns 100 of, a company that offers renewable energy solutions to end customers and franchises "Punto Enel Green Power".Retrieved 22 February 2015.Retrieved permanent dead link "Enel Green Power".Archived from the original on Retrieved "Conocenos".Citation needed References edit a b c d e f "Annual Report 2016" (PDF).Retrieved "Dati operativi - enel Bilancio consolidato 2013".
In 2012 Enel and Renault as part of e-mobility and Smart City collaborated to manufacture a car model that would allow the customer to locate in real-time the nearest Enel charging point and retrieve information on its availability.
In terms of distribution, the state intervened in 1961 by unifying national tariffs on the basis of equal consumption classes (through the Equalization Fund for the Electricity Sector 39 40 ) and by requiring power companies to provide access to electricity to everyone.

This was the first thermal solar field to use molten salt technology integrated with a combined cycle gas facility.
"Enel esce da Slovacchia e Romania".