Samsung ativ smart pc 700t цена

samsung ativ smart pc 700t цена

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In addition to the standard preinstalled software you'll find on most Windows 8 laptops and tabletsMicrosoft Office starter 2010 and Skype, but also Evernote, Netflix, and Amazon Kindle Readeryou'll also get a 30-day trial of Norton Internet Security and Online Backup, the touch-friendly Fresh Paint.
For 1,200, it should be special.The score of 564 on 3DMark 11 indicates a machine good enough for casual games or graphically intense games on the lowest settings (if you can deal with the low frame rates).The integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 won't get you very far with games like Skyrim, but the included Plants.The S Pen is great for working in Desktop Mode.It also finished Photoshop in a respectable 6 minutes 20 seconds.HP Envy X2 (11-g012nr), which offer a laptop-like form factor, but a limited 32-bit version of Windows 8 with less processing power overall.Other than that, we like the overall design and how comfortable the S Pen is to hold and use.And if youre really sold on the Windows 8 tablet concept, its one of the better options out there.Not that it matters since the volume doesnt get loud enough and audio is easily overpowered by medium background noise.The Smart PC Pros.6-inch display is bigger than either of those tablets and even has an inch on the Surface Pro.
None of the keys on the edge are undersized or awkward.
This resulted in performance that's on par with mainstream ultrabooks.

Though we havent yet given it a full review, the 800 Lenovo Yoga 11S looks like it could be stiff competition for the ativ.Due to the increased activity of the unwanted bots from foreign IP addresses on Hotline, please confirm that you are not one of them.The ativs keyboard dock is superior and the tablets design a little more comfortable, though not as balanced.It doesnt capture very sharp images and the saturation is only decent.The main qualm we have with the touchpad is that its not as accurate as wed like.The top is heavy and can easily tip the whole device over on an uneven surface, such as a lap.The island-style keys are well spaced and well sized with just enough tactile feedback and travel.Our only quibble is that for a tablet with the word Pro in the name (and at this price we prefer a full-size SD slot.
This wasnt a problem in everyday use, though hearing that sound every time we adjusted the tilt did get on our nerves.

The PCMark 07 score of 4,475 is lower than the Surface Pro, Iconia W700, and vaio Duo 11, but not by so much that the system feels sluggish in comparison.
Even with our hands resting on the screen, the Smart PC Pro never got confused and we didnt accidentally launch apps or exit out of programs.