Leonardo da vinci madonna litta

She is gazing down at her boy; he is looking towards us, his eyelids heavy with sleep now he has had his fill of her milk.
Leonardo thought it entirely natural and unremarkable that a mum would be proud to be seen breastfeeding her not-even-all-that-tiny child.
This painting would seem to have been produced in Milan, where the artist moved in 1482.How tragically different the UK of today, where the latest advance in breastfeeding aids is, not a lovely, easy-access top like the one Leonardo's Mary is modelling, but a hideous, hide-all, cape-like item that retails at around 20 and offers you a "stylish and discreet".Anonymous: My Collection uid,ofacebook, otransparent: My Collection, anonymous: My Collection, anonymous: My Collection uid,ofacebook, otransparent: My Collection, anonymous: My Collection.Beyond the symmetrical windows lies an endless mountain landscape, recalling the harmony and vastness of all Creation.So thank goodness we start 2012 with one of the finest posters ever produced for the pro-breastfeeding movement a reproduction of the.For centuries the painting was in the possession of the Litta family.In the painting, Mary looks serene and happy, and baby Jesus looks healthy and replete.If only today's society were so at ease.The composition is simple and balanced, the figures of the Madonna and the Christ child modelled with the finest use of light and shade.Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement.Web Content Viewer (JSR 286 loading.
The painting is almost an advert for such a practical solution to the age-old problem of how to produce a boob quickly when your child is shrieking for a feed; and to make the point about how useful it is, the Christ-child in Leonardo's painting.

Leonardo's Madonna had it right and so does her breast-grasping baby.Let's hope some of the hoards of people flocking to the Leonardo show realise that the Madonna Litta isn't just a beacon in Renaissance art; it's also a beacon in the art of breastfeeding).In 1865 it was acquired by the Russian czar, who put it in the Hermitage."The cover-up allows a bit more privacy says the sell on one website proffering the item.Technique: tempera, dimensions: 42x33 cm, vince taylor wikipedia acquisition date: Entered the Hermitage in 1865; acquired from the collection of Antonio Litta in Milan.Madonna Litta, which art lovers are currently queuing up to see at the National Gallery where it's part of the.1490-91, order a Madonna Litta.Title: The Madonna and Child (The Litta Madonna).The art historians who eulogise this painting sometimes don't mention what to me is its finest point of all: that is, how comfortable a society can be with the idea of breastfeeding.Send an e-card about Madonna Litta.
Instead of the robust, red-haired toddler in the painting we see, in fact, no baby at all (the child is totally obscured by the cover-up and unlike Leonardo's Mary, who is looking adoringly at her bouncing babe, these mums can't even see theirs because they're.

1490-91, order Hand-Painted Reproduction.
The beautiful woman feeding her child seems to be the epitome of motherhood and motherly love, perceived as perhaps the greatest human value.
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