Leonardo da vinci handwriting font

Background OF THE invention, original documents of historic, academic, or current interest often require translations to enable interested persons to review or study the document.
Clicking on the translation window close button 64 causes the translation window 16 to close.If the user clicks on the cell, the sheet object displays its sheet image.At least one corresponding digital image of a translation of the original is also stored on the system, with its contents indexed spatially to the original.Similarly, the user may select the English button 82 from the task bar 52 of the main display 12 to cause an English language translation 84 of Leonardo da Vinci's manuscript to appear in the main display.As discussed above, the user may select either the original text, the English translation or the Italian transcription for display in the main display 12 and/or the translation window.If you have questions, please contact.The mirror function or flip routine of the preferred embodiment reverses the horizontal orientation of the displayed image, so that any text that is displayed may either be read in normal fashion, left to right, or right to left, as Leonardo da Vinci originally conversione taglie jeans inglesi wrote.The block diagram of FIG.The right task bar includes a number of small nubs 66 to give the user a visual cue that the translation window 16 can be moved up and down by dragging the mouse cursor in this area.As previously indicated, the translation window 16 can be moved up and down within the main display.A subject list 24 appears to the right of the reduced size page images 22, identifying various subject categories addressed in the manuscript.X, it appears that you are using an unsupported browser.The implementation of the methods and systems of the present invention using Macromedia Director, or comparable tools, will be apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art when combined with the foregoing description and additional content which follows.
Some examples: (i) In the overview screen 20, when the user rolls the mouse over a given subject's word, the subject object interprets this as a user request to see all pages dealing with this topic.

This function is implemented as an additional step in the display operation.12 has been modified to present the original document.The CPU 152 communicates through a standard I/O device 156 to accept user input through an input device 158 such as a mouse (not shown track ball (not shown) or keyboard (not shown).16 is an illustration of a computer screen display in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention, wherein the display of FIG.In implementing the preferred embodiment described herein, the original text bitmap 88 of the Codex Leicester manuscript was converted to a bitmap, sized 1,115 pixels tall by 845 pixels wide.6, or when viewing the lower portion of the page 30 in the main display 12 as shown in FIG.

The main display 12 includes a task bar 52 at the bottom portion thereof, which contains various commands and options which can be selected by the user.