3 things leonardo da vinci was famous for

The neo-gothic facade by architect Maciachini shows the best rose window in the city.
All the church is pretty full of renaissance precious frescoes and statues.Palazzo Sormani Probably the most beautiful baroque facade of Milan.Lake Garda Beautiful lake with a lot of beautiful small cities, the best is Sirmione.Monza Medium-size town with a beautiful pedestrian-only centre, a really beautiful cathedral (local museum housing the medieval crown of the Longobard kings, the first crown ever built to crown a king!But the telescope wasnt one of them.The nave is from gothic period.Hotel Auriga Milan Via Pirelli 7 - Cap: 20124, Milan, Italy.Tickets are not sold on board and you will not find a self-service ticket machine at bus doppio taglio uomo corto and tram stop.The closest station is Duomo, but San Babila is a decent distance too.The cloisters and the vault frescoes are just incredibly precious.A refined restaurant from 1899 serving meals such as mozzarella, Parma ham, mussels, salad, Milanese-style risotto, spaghetti, soup, beef, chicken, scampi.Unless you are physically unfit, it is best recommended to take the stairs (250 steps only) and save.Being above ground means you get a view of what you're passing, so if you don't need to go far, they're convenient and fun.
Parks become nice to visit, as trees blossom.
At first sight, Milan looks like a bustling and relatively stylish (with its shiny display windows and elegant shops) metropolis, with a good number of grand palaces and fine churches in the centre, but might seem like a slightly prosaic, soulless and business-orientated place.

Choosing from one of the "mainstays" below and asking anyone where to go should lead you in the right direction.Food is realy good and they have choice of vegetarian options.The magnificent marble pulpit dates back to X century, whilst the external Atrium preserves some of the best examples of Lombard Romanesque sculpture available.Take the phrase book with you.Very important it the spectacular dome.Understand edit, the Duomo di Milano, the city's stunning Gothic cathedral.These trains stop at Milano Bovisa, Milano Porta Garibaldi and Milano Centrale.The Milan flagship opened its doors at 4 via Montenapoleone in 2004.Many tram stops have electronic information panels with indications on how many minutes to wait before the next available service.
This city's traditional cooking is based on filling dishes like osso buco (braised veal shanks) and risotto alla milanese (chicken-broth risotto made with saffron).
For the journey from Centrale to Malpensa, there is a ticket stand near the east exit of Centrale, and the bus is boarded at the adjacent bus stops.

It is a must see and shows the world famous "Basket of fruits" of Caravaggio, along with the "Musician" by Leonardo da Vinci and the preparatory drawing of the School of Athens by Raphael.
Edit La Rinascente, Piazza Duomo (Metro: Duomo,.